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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shirt the Eighth: The Order of the Triad


This is an official VB T-Shirt of the Week Club shirt. It illustrates perfectly the relationship between a shirt's belovedness/irreplacability and its propensity for getting torn, stained, or washed in the wrong temperature.

It went through in warm ONCE and it's two shades lighter, damnit.

When I wear this shirt, I am a Triad member. Despite being a white woman, I am Jefferson Twilight, and any Blaculas out there better keep it in mind when they see me coming.

"There is NEVER a 'Triad emergency.'"


  1. And I am Doctor Orpheus, despite being...well, despite nothing, actually.

  2. I keep mulling over defecting to The Alchemist, but although I'm still way into the Aloha shirts, I'm a bit too old to give every attractive young man I meet the "strip him down and rub him with magic unctions" treatment these days. Sigh.

  3. Hey there - hoping to contact you about the WFA twitter account, please email us back! Thanks - Antidote Films


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